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Announcements from Etudes

Dance Team Auditions

Dance Team Auditions

Auditions are Sunday August 13th 4-5PM


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The Fairytale Nutcracker Auditions

The Fairytale Nutcracker is back for our 3rd year and our tradition is growing stronger, better and more creative!!  We are very proud of our new ideas for The Fairytale Nutcracker.

Auditions take place on August 27, 2017.

Ages 5-8 (Pre-Primary thru Grade 1 in ballet) Audition from 4-5PM.  

Ages 8-12 (Ballet Grade 2 - Intermediate Foundation) Audition from 5-6PM.

Ages 12+ (Intermediate Ballet and higher) Audition from 6-7PM.

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New Online Registration System

Études de Ballet is now using online registrations for all classes and summer camps.

To enroll your child at Etudes de Ballet, please follow the following steps:

1. Click on the "Register Now" Button on the Home page or Click "Read More."

2. Fill out all the required family and student information in the online registration system.

3. Do NOT choose classes until you have agreed to all the terms and conditions and clicked "Submit."

4. Please call (239) 593-8280 if you require assistance at any time during this process.


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