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    Our Proficiency Level Ballet Classes offer something for everyone. From the once-a-week hobby dancer to those with professional aspirations we have a class for you. Our comprehensive training program includes Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acro, Modern, Ballet and Tap. The classes carefully build technique, flexibility, artistry and musicality and incorporates character work. Our proficiency levels will take part in our spring production and may audition for our Holiday classic, "The Fairytale Nutcracker"


    Class Descriptions

    • Proficiency Pre-Primary Level Ballet

      In this class the dancers are introduced to the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. They will work on correct alignment, posture, poise, expression, terminology, rhythm, musicality and spacial awareness, taught using imagination and props. Adding a tap, acro or hip hop class is strongly recommended to help maximize growth as a dancer.
    • Proficiency Primary Level Ballet

      This class is based on the RAD Primary Ballet Syllabus. Dancers will learn strength and control of movement, posture, correct alignment, terminology, fun dances, rhythm, musicality, spacial awareness and expression all in a fun safe environment. Great care is taken not to overstretch the students developing and growing bodies. Instead the focus is on building strength and stability in the joints through correct alignment and technique. Additional classes in any genre are recommended for maximum growth as a dancer.
    • Proficiency Level 1 Ballet

      This class builds on the skills in the previous level adding more complex movements, terminology and choreography. Character dance is added in the Russian Peasant style which teaches students about the heritage of the classic romantic era ballets such as Swan Lake, Coppelia and Sleeping Beauty in addition to helping with rhythm and style. Additional classes in any genre are recommended for maximum growth as a dancer.
    • Proficiency Level 2-4 Ballet

      This class is based on the content of the RAD syllabus but contains no set syllabus exercises. The focus is on the progression of the basic technical and artistic skills and applying that knowledge to new steps and vocabulary. The dancers will be trained at the ballet barre and in the center and will continue to improve posture, flexibility, technical and artistic skills. They will broaden their education in character dance by adding the Hungarian Peasant style, Ukrainian and the Italian Tarantella. Additional classes in any genre are recommended for maximum growth as a dancer.
    • Proficiency Level 4 - Intermediate Ballet

      This proficiency level is for the dancer with some experience. Pre-pointe and beginner pointe work (with instructor approval) are taught. This is the first of our pre-professional levels and the dancers are challenged to improve their technical and artistic skills through our time tested curriculum
    • Proficiency Advanced Level Ballet

      Ballet for Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 level dancers. This is for experienced dancers only and includes pointe work. Dancers are perfecting and fine tuning their already strong technical abilities and working on artistry, multiple pirouettes and high leg extensions. Dancers are trained to withstand the rigors and discipline of ballet as a professional and often go on to dance in professional companies or prestigious college dance programs upon graduation.
    • Ball and Stretch Class

      Stretching and strengthening are combined in this class which uses exercise balls to help dancers find and strengthen the correct muscles. These exercises have been created especially for the specific needs of the ballet dancer and dancers will notice improvements in strength, flexibility and control from taking this class.