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    Outdoor Activities

    The year runs from July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020. Members can play at any time, other than when lawn bowlers are playing (anticipated Tuesday & Thursday afternoons from 2 – 5:00 PM), or when special events or private parties are being held. 

    Contact: Jonathan Burt

    Contact number: (239) 207-2735

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





      The sport of Croquet was born in the British isles in the mid 19th century and soon migrated to most other English-speaking countries. The modern game is reputed to have started in Ireland in the 1830s and taken to England during the 1850s. It became an instant success, one reason being because it provided the first opportunity for women to participate in an outdoor sport on an equal basis with men. Over the next 30 years standard rules were established and national competitions commenced. It is curious to note that the putting of your foot on the ball during the croquet stroke was outlawed in 1870, yet it still persists in ‘home-brewed’ rules of croquet to this day. In the United States, manufacturers popularized a version of the sport that could be played on rough turf with lightweight, inexpensive equipment. It is this lightweight, scaled-down, toy version of croquet which most Americans have either seen or played.

      Backyard Croquet is the casual, social form of croquet played by millions in North America on the traditional nine-wicket, two-stake, double-diamond court. Using up to six balls and as many players, the many varieties of this game are usually played with lightweight, inexpensive 6-ball sets popularly available in discount and department stories for $50 to $100.
      Backyard Croquet is usually played on long grass or other slow or irregular surfaces in backyards or public parks. The official USCA rules for Backyard Croquet closely resemble the advanced rules played at most USCA clubs on regulation courts and short-cut greens; they are relatively more complex and recommended for 4-ball adult play; they include many optional variations players may elect to tailor their games for greater ease or – on the other hand – more complex strategies. Six-Ball Guerilla Croquet is less difficult to learn and play and is especially recommended for family and team play.
    • DUES

      *Annual Membership Dues: $700 per couple or $400 for a single.
      *New Member & Young Adult Annual Dues: (under 30) $450 per couple or $250 for a single.

      *Includes $50 dues per person per year for NCC social events.

      **Monthly Membership Dues: $230 per couple or $150 for a single.
      **Monthly New Member & Young Adult Membership Dues: $160 per couple or $100 for a single.

      **Includes $15 dues per person per month for NCC social events.

      Daily “Walk-in” Fees: $25 per person per day.

      Use of equipment included. Non-members can play a maximum of 3 days per year. “Walk-in” rate for social events is $30 per person.

      Non-members are expected to pay at the front desk before play.

      Clinics in 6-Wicket croquet

      We offer beginning clinics at 10:00 AM on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month from November – April. Cost for non-members is $20 for a single or $30 per couple. Instruction & equipment included. White attire and flat shoes required.

      Clinics for Golf Croquet

      We offer beginning clinics at 2:30 PM on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from November – April. Cost for non-members is $20 for a single or $30 per couple. Instruction & equipment included. White attire and flat shoes required.

      Dress Code – White attire & flat shoes required.
      Weekly Social Play: Members and “walk-ins” play American Rules 6-Wicket Croquet each Saturday & Wednesday starting at 8:00 AM (weather permitting), and Golf Croquet on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. Social Events and Tournaments: Organized by Board of Directors.
      Cell Phones – Must be turned off during play

      Hold a golf croquet party at the Naples Croquet Club for your business or friends. Available Mondays - Thursdays, the cost is $15 per person with a minimum fee of $150 and a maximum of $400 for up to 4 hours of play and enjoyment. Above price assumes tenant leaves premises in the condition they find them.

      The following is provided

      • (1) *Equipment and up to 8 courts (each approximately 20’ x 25’) for up to 32 people to play at any one time. (Games can be timed at 12 to 15 minutes each to enable a tournament of up to 60 players to take no more than 1 ½ or 2 hours.)
      • (2) Use of gazebo, main building bathrooms and service kitchen (if available).
      • (3) Garbage cans & tables for sign-in.

      Optional additional charges

      • (1) $100 for 30 minutes of instruction for golf croquet, copies of the rules for each participant, and 30 minutes of assistance to answer questions once play has started.
      • (2) $200 for use of outside patio with table and chairs for 40+ for lunch, afternoon tea or evening cocktail party.
      • (3) Use of service kitchen near outside patio.

    Lawn Bowling


      Lawn Bowls is an ancient sport. The Encyclopedia Britannica records that bowls has been played in some form since 5,000 BC. However, it was not always regarded as a desirable activity. In the 13th Century, England’s King Henry III banned bowls because the archers were distracted by the game, and in 1511, Henry VIII discouraged play, regarding bowls as a game associated with gambling.
      Certainly, the game was a distraction for Sir Francis Drake. Truth or myth, no one is sure, but it is said that in 1588, Sir Francis Drake insisted on finishing his game of bowls before turning his attention to approaching the Spanish Armada. He is supposed to have lost the game, but won the battle against the Spaniards.
      The lawn, or green, on which the game is played must be at least 40 yd (at least 36 m) square, surrounded by a ditch 12 in (30 cm) deep and 12 in wide, enclosed by a sloping bank. The green is divided lengthwise by strings into six “rinks,” or alleys, 18 to 21 ft (5.4 to 6.3 m) wide. Bowlers must stand with at least one foot on a rubber mat in the center of the rink being played; the back edge of the mat must be 4 ft (1.2 m) from the ditch. Matches may be played by either individuals (singles) or by teams of two to four players (pairs, triples, and fours).
    • General Information

      From November 1, 2016, - May 15, 2017, group play is held on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, usually starting around 2:00 PM. Equipment use is available at no additional charge. Weekly, monthly & seasonal members can play at any time other than when the courts are not in use for croquet play, special events or private parties.

    • COST

      $15 per day

      $25 per week

      $50 per month

      $200 for the season


      Starting December 1st, instruction will be held the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 2:30 PM. Cost is $15 per person. Equipment available at no additional charge. Flat shoes required.

      All payment should be made at the front desk.