Our Annual Spring Ballet Production & Studio Recital Performances was on May 5-6, 2018 at Golden Gate High School

    Based on Sir Frederick Ashton's famous ballet "Cinderella", Etudes De Ballet presents this classic tale of faith, hope and true love. From the humerous Step Sisters to the tumbling Jester's and Sassy Bippity Bobbity Boo Fairies this production includes a variety of dance styles. Ballet, Pas de Deux, Acro, Hip Hop, Contemporary Tap and Jazz there is something for everyone. For more information call (239) 593-8280.

    Act 1
    The story starts out at Cinderella's house. We are introduced to the bickering sisters and step mother who blame Cinderella for everything and make her clean the house and all the dust bunnies away. An old beggar women comes to the house to warm herself by the fire. It is the Fairy Godmother in disguise and even though the sister's are cruel, Cinderella shows her kindness.

    The Royal Stewards visit the house with an invitation to the Ball, at which the Prince will choose his bride. The sister's and step mother are ecstatic as they are sure he will choose one of them. They immediately begin preparations, choosing outfits and taking a dancing lesson so that they might impress the Prince. Cinderella is told she may not go as she has to stay and clean. She is sad and imagines what it might be like to dance with the Prince at the Ball.

    The Sister's and Step Mother leave for the Ball and Cinderella is left alone with only her cat for comfort. The Beggar Woman returns and reveals herself as the Fairy Godmother. She tells Cinderella she will go to the Ball and summonds the four elements Water, Earth, Fire and Air who bring a beautiful Coach, a ball gown, footmen and unicorns. Cinderella is warned by the clocks that the magic will dissapate at midnight. Cinderella thanks her Fairy Godmother and rides off to the Ball in her beautiful coach.

    Act 2
    Foreign Princesses from all around the world attend the Ball to try and win the Prince's heart. The Prince dances with them but does not fall in love with any of them. The sisters and step mother also fail to win the Prince over. But all is not lost. A late arrival, a mystery Princess dances with the Prince all night and they fall madly in love. As the clock strikes 12 Cinderella realizes she is in danger of being discovered so she flees, losing her elegant glass slipper as she runs.

    Act 3
    With the magical glass slipper as his only clue, the Prince searches the world in hopes of finding his one true love. He fears it is a hopeless task when he arrives at Cinderella's house. Despite there best efforts the slipper does not fit the Step Mother or the Sister's. Cinderella accidentally drops the other slipper revealing her as the mystery princess. She rides off to marry her Prince and live Happily Ever After.

    I want to Congratulate ALL the staff, especially Mrs. Ruth, on the awe inspiring production of Cinderella this past weekend. I was dazzled by the incredible performances of all of the dancers. These last couple of days I have run into a few people that attended the performance. They had nothing but praise and delight to share. One could not believe how professional the sets were and how entertaining the dancers and different performances were. She thought she was simply coming to see an end of year dance recital, and was pleasantly surprised by the massive and entertaining production she witnessed. Personally, I want to Thank each of you at Etudes for your dedication, devotion, and instruction for my niece Cheyanne. Everyone at Etudes from her instructors to her fellow dancers has made her feel welcome from the start. Both she and I were surprised that she was able to take part in this production since we had joined the studio later in the year. What an uplifting experience it was for her. Most importantly, I want to express my deep gratitude for each of you helping Cheyanne reclaim her love of dance. It was something I saw fading that brought great sadness to me. My heart is full each day as I watch her eagerly get ready for and participate in class, and a smile crosses my lips and eyes as I hear her speak of her instructors, staff, fellow dancers, and the studio as a whole, with great delight. My only regret is that we did not join earlier.

    We look forward to next year and cannot wait to see where her dancing will take us.

    Carol Gigliello