Etudes de Ballet & Co., is the ONLY academy in SW Florida offering this exclusive program for Ballet Examinations.  The RAD is recognized internationally as a leader in the Performing Arts and respected for its universally high standards.  Many dancers in today's top Ballet Companies around the world trained in the RAD Method.  For additional RAD information, please visit: or


The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), under the patronage of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, is one of the largest and most influential ballet training organizations in the world. Promoted in 79 countries worldwide, RAD is respected for its universal high standards and degree of difficulty. Dancers, starting from age 6 to post graduation, are tested by highly qualified examiners who travel from overseas or out-of-state. Those who pass the examination are awarded an internationally recognized diploma, placing the dancer a cut above the rest with college applications and future interviews for advancement. The additional RAD option is offered to dedicated dancers at Etudes de Ballet & Co. These examinations are exact and rigorous and not recommended for every pupil.