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Études de Ballet’s

Dance Classes
For Adults Ages 18-100

Études de Ballet has adult ballet dance classes for all levels and abilities. Whether you’re ready for your first ballet class or looking for a gentle re-entry to movement or are an experienced dancer, we have a class for you. We even have a class for the 55+ age group that specializes in movement for the aging body.

Ballet is truly good for the heart and soul and our dancers smile their way through the movement sequences and feel great after class. The physical benefits are life changing and ballet is also great for your brain. Your first adult ballet dance class is FREE and we would love to meet you.

Royal Academy of Dance

Silver Swans Program

Silver Swans is a gentle ballet class for dancers aged 55+. It has all the benefits of a traditional ballet class but without all the big jumps and turns. Dancers have the freedom to work at their own pace with lots of modifications so the class works for all fitness levels and abilities.

The classes are social yet focused and everyone supports and encourages each other. What are you waiting for? Your first class is FREE so don’t be shy!

Accredited Silver Swans Licensee for Adult Dance Classes | Études de Ballet in Naples, FL


For information on Silver Swans or adult ballet dance classes, please call Études de Ballet.